Beyond the pandemic: Analytics in an age of collaboration, change, and competition

The very nature of collaboration has transformed. The way people work is new and different, yet we still don’t know how or where people will be working going forward, or most importantly, whether they are working effectively.

Change management is always difficult and clearly, businesses across every industry and sector have been through considerable change. For businesses to not only survive this change, but to thrive on the new opportunities that surface, analytics are critical – but it needs to be the right data, and available at the right time.

Collaboration analytics, when considered across the whole business and not just in a contact centre, provides a unique view on a company’s internal and external communication. It illustrates how effectively your people are adapting to this new way of working, providing in-depth visibility, highlighting workflow improvements and identifying business performance issues. And, taking a 30,000ft view, it underpins decision-making and reduces uncertainty so businesses can focus more energy on what makes them competitive.

For the channel, there is a huge opportunity. Service providers and resellers can take a consultative role, helping businesses to adapt to change now and in the future with collaboration analytics. Demand is high, and with collaboration analytics that are easier than ever to sell, deploy and use, it is an obvious upsell for any collaboration tool opportunity, providing additional recurring revenue and ‘stickiness’.

In working closely with our service providers and partners, as we have throughout the pandemic, we are seeing a real explosion in demand from all industries for accessible, intuitive, and commercially compelling collaboration analytics.