Analytics 2022: Supporting the Shift to Hybrid Work, and Taking Action on Scam

In 2022, we’re going to see focus remain on how to effectively support staff throughout the shift to hybrid working. Alongside this, we know that a number of regulatory changes will see responsibility for minimising scam calling fall to service providers. These two dynamics will be key for the telecoms and UCaaS channel in the coming year.

Hybrid is here to stay

Hybrid working has put organisations into a massive flux – and with another winter to contend with, hybrid strategies will continue to face instability for the foreseeable future.

What bosses think about remote or hybrid working may be very different to their workers.  The key it to avoid conflict between employers and their employees.

Employers need to adopt a new level of flexibility and understanding to support their people. Those who have come straight from university will never have experienced a different way of working and will have distinct expectations. Business leaders must understand their needs and provide team leaders with the tools to manage both the new joiners and long-standing team members through their different roles.

Decisions should be based on data and evidence. Business leaders need to know how effective their people are, the impact on customers and if everyone is working towards the end game of the business.  By empowering leaders with data and knowledge, they will know if the hybrid model is working or use the data to support any decisions if it is not working.

Next year is all about taking stock and learning from the different experiences of both employees and customers.

Analytics is the answer.  It is all about providing accessible information and making it digestible. Through analysis, business leaders can understand the state of their customers and what their experiences look like on an ongoing basis.  It will determine what has been learnt, what actions have been taken and what still needs to be done.  Without data, you are working in the dark. You can’t manage what you don’t measure.

Scam calling regulations change

Scam calls are a global nuisance and 2022 will be the year to act. Ofcom has agreed with telecom operators to do more ‘at pace’ to protect their customers and we are already helping providers to take control of call traffic in the face of mounting pressure from both customers and regulators to mitigate the problem.

Technology is available now to providers of cloud-based calling platforms to protect customers from scam calls.  The intelligent algorithms can analyse call traffic automatically, identify irregularities and fraudulent activity, and ultimately to prevent future recurrences.

Whilst this is all about protecting customers, it is also about protecting the brand reputation of those delivering services.