Accessible omnichannel analytics and speech intelligence a major customer experience enabler in 2019

Uxbridge, UK – 3 December 2018: Tollring, the software developer behind the award-winning communications analytics, call recording and anti-fraud product iCall Suite, has revealed their predictions for the end user and channel markets in 2019.

“2018 has been the year of analytics; the year where even the smallest businesses have realised how much latent power lies within customer data”, states Tollring CEO Tony Martino. “In 2019, as analytics services are becoming more accessible to businesses of all types and sizes, the focus is turning towards customer engagement in line with relevant media channels and using analytics to understand customer interactions across the entire business, to truly understand the overall customer experience.”

For Tollring, it is clear that creating a consistently excellent customer experience is a priority for businesses. It is said that it will overtake both price and product as a key differentiator by 2020 (Customers 2020: A progress report; study by Walker), and Tollring believes that two of the main technologies that will enable this key trend include speech intelligence and omnichannel analytics.

“Up until recently”, continues Martino, “the problem with investing heavily in customer experience has been that it is hard to measure results – and that is before you even consider omnichannel customer service environments. In 2019, however, we are going to start seeing technologies that make that possible. All sizes of businesses will have the means to unlock hidden data that exists within all channels, both verbal and written, and across the whole of the business – not just within a contact centre.”

“This type of holistic insight, enabled hugely by speech intelligence and omnichannel integration, will change the rules for customer experience. Businesses will be much better equipped to manage their customer-facing teams and use intelligent analytics to assist in more-informed decision-making. We’ve been starting to preview this technology to our service provider partners and can absolutely see how it will add value for their customers. 2018 has been a great year for Tollring, thanks to our supportive partners and customers and with four awards and over two million monitored endpoints under our belt, 2019 looks to be even better!”